D’ukes of Halton Ukulele Band

D'ukes of Halton Ukulele Band

The D’ukes of Halton ukulele band perform at various care and residential homes in the local area on a regular basis, and at several charity and fund-raising functions.

We have been able to donate to McMillan Nurses and Cancer Support Groups.

If you are interested in D’ukes of Halton playing at your venue or event in Runcorn or Widnes, contact us.

Dukes of Halton Ukele band in Cheshire group
Rick Arnold D'ukes of Halton spokesperson

We are the D’ukes of Halton Ukulele Band. I am Rick Arnold, the spokesperson for our little group.  We meet and practice every Tuesday afternoon at St. John’s in Widnes. At the moment, we have 18 members made up of men and women mainly of retirement age and all denominations.

D’ukes of Halton are a fun based group of various musical abilities, constantly trying to raise our musical standards, always in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

We started to learn the ukulele as part of a Wellbeing initiative, which offered a free, six-week introductory course.  None of us had any experience of playing the instrument.

After the six weeks were up and we had progressed to playing a few tunes, we realised how much we had enjoyed it, so we decided to continue together as a group. The opportunity to practice at St. John’s came up, so we took it.

We then became the D’ukes of Halton and formed a committee to ensure things were run properly.

With the help of the Community Development Officer from Halton Borough Council we were awarded a “start up” grant, and then later a “development grant”, which has helped us to purchase equipment, stage wear, room hire, further tuition costs etc. At the moment, with weekly subs, we are more or less self-sufficient.