D’ukes of Halton Ukulele Band Members

Rick Arnold Chairman of D'ukes of Halton

Rick Arnold – Chairman

Started as a drummer in semi-pro bands from the age of 16 and played in bands all his life. Also plays guitar, bass and over the last two years playing Ukulele.

John Giblin

One of the original members and over the past two years has improved tremendously. John has become our sound effects person, along with his whistle blowing and hand claps!


Derrick Eaton – Treasurer of D'ukes of Halton

Derrick Eaton – Treasurer

Lifelong interest in music of all types – rock – jazz – country – blues and now star Ukulele player.

Val Newton - Dukes of Halton


A fairly new member, an accomplished musician playing piano and keyboard, turned to the Ukulele about six months ago. Val has been married to her husband Arthur for 65 years. Arthur has accompanied us at various venues with his accordion.



Long standing member and travels from St Helens to performances and rehearsals.

Irene - Dukes of Halton


Another original! Is a very enthusiastic member. Since taking up the Ukulele in 2013 it has given Irene a new lease of life!!



Joy – Secretary

New member to our setup. Quickly improving her musical technique and performance.