D’ukes of Halton Ukulele Band Members

Rick Arnold Chairman of D'ukes of Halton

Rick Arnold - Chairman/Musical Director

A founder member who played semi-pro in bands from the age of 16 will 4 years ago when he turned to the ukulele. Rick enjoys playing in the ban and also loves the camaraderie between all the members.

John Giblin

One of the original members. John is an ex butcher from Chestnut Lodge. John runs the rhythm section with Brenda – his whistle and horn blowing and also is clapping is fundamental to our group,

Eric Hargreaves

Eric travels from Warrington and is also a member of the Liverpool Barbershop Choir. Eric is an enthusiastic and committed member.

Derrick Eaton – Treasurer of D'ukes of Halton

Derrick Eaton – Treasurer

A founder member who looks after our finances, our travel, costume and trips. A very accomplished ukulele player and singer who has a massive musical input to our repertoire and musical direction.

Val Newton - Dukes of Halton

Val Newton

A classically trained pianist who has turned her musicianship to the ukulele to great success. Val’s husband Arthur, although not a member, often plays his accordion at performances with us.

Ian Morton

Fairly new to our group and the ukulele, but uses his guitar playing to improve his ukulele playing. Ian is a keen fisherman.

Dave Austin

Long-standing enthusiastic member who travels from St Helens to performances and rehearsals.



Irene - Dukes of Halton

Irene Clark

Another original! Is a very enthusiastic member. Since taking up the Ukulele in 2013 it has given Irene a new lease of life!! A devoted mother, gran and great gran.

Joe Plumpton

Rodger Pointon

Retired School Head of Department. A larger than life figure whose talent, personality and enthusiasm match his figure. One of the main characters of the group with his comedy slot adding another dimension fo the group’s success.

Joy Clarke – Secretary

A very good singer and ukulele player who fits our group alongside all her other commitments to the church and charities.


A fairly new member to our group. A strong singer and player who is classically trained. Edna’s music background helps our group enormously.

Ray Wright

One of our latest recruits. Ray is from Southport, but now lives in Warrington. Ray is an experienced player who enjoys our not too serious fun approach to our group.